Welcome to Hydra World Music

An intimate

series of concerts

Friday 25 to Sunday 27 August

3 day schedule


Friday 25

Saturday 26

Starting at 2:30pm

Sunday 27

Starting at 11am


Set among Hydra’s peaceful and intimate locations, Hydra World Music launches its first edition this year, from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August .

With the sole objective of creating a visionary musical event, Hydra World Music hopes to create a long-lasting legacy that Hydra can be proud of. The festival wants to live up to the existing, impeccable standards of the island by bringing fantastic artists to Hydra over a special weekend.

Musicians this year include legendary Madagascan artist Kilema, Señor Coconut’s singer and Latino-tronic specialist Argenis Brito, Egyptian Paris-based singer-songwriter and accordion player Youssra El Hawary, UK’s folk singer Brooke Sharkey, Greek-Brazilian musician Katerina Polemi, Germany’s renown DJs Michael Rütten and Habibi Funk, Argentina's Malanca & Haksten tango duet; as well as local acts DJ Palov (Carnibal records), Patatatiti and Jazz superstars Momo Trio.

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